Tattoo Studio Business Coaching

In 2016, Jon approached the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin to open a new tattoo shop in the already competitive market. Facing zoning and ordinance laws Jon negotiated with the city council, planning and development, and licensing committees over a 6 month period to rewrite the zoning laws. In June of 2017 he successfully lobbied to open his shop in the city to great success. Within a years time the Kenosha Tattoo Company went from 2 artists on staff to 6, and averaging 250 appointments a month.

Under Jon’s leadership and growth plan the shop now offers tattooing, piercing, microblading, permanent makeup, and massage therapy.

Coaching Topics to Include...

  • Maximize Social Media

  • Planning and Development

  • Growth

  • Cost Savings

  • Opening a Shop

In 2017, Jon secured a television contact deal to bring a reality show “Third Coast Ink”, to the E360TV streaming network.

In 2018 The Kenosha Tattoo Company was voted Best Shop in Kenosha by the community. Quite the feat for a new shop competing against 8 other shops that have been established upwards of 20 years.

Jon can teach you how to scale your business, increase revenue and maximize your social media impact.

Jon Principe

Seasoned shop owner, third generation entrepreneur and lifelong Kenosha resident. Being in and out of tattoo shops since the age of 18, he was unknowingly studying the craft for a future endeavor as a shop owner. He is committed to excellence and is always making improvements to the shop experience for the clients.

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